Supernatural Forces & Science Go Head To Head To Finally Discover The Truth

Don Philips & Steve Mera -The Ultimate Scientific Exploration Of The Unknown (C) The Phenomena Project








It’s certainly a tantalizing pre-title and introduction to the series. We’ve moved away from the paranormal space, but its an interesting mix of the myth and mystery, coupled with the scientific investigation. I think you’ve definitely struck a chord that taps into a gap in the market, as there’s been nothing in this space for quite a while  and this investigation feels particularly British in appeal.



As ex secretary of the worlds oldest paranormal organization in the world THE GHOST CLUB, I have spent many years investigating alleged hauntings, I have never seen anything close to this or what Don can do. Don Philips and Steve Mera and everyone else involved in this show will change opinions. I have personally witnessed for myself what Don is capable of, I wish them the best of luck in this fascinating series.


cont.. My own personal opinion is Phenomena Project if screened will bring unrivalled levels of genuine paranormal activity and entertainment to TV viewers.
This is unique, no other TV show I've watched has brought so much, from what I have seen each episode is packed with genuine paranormal activity
Caught on camera and in real time.
I've watched over the years many shows which fill me with suspicion, viewers like myself, are often left struggling to work out what's real and what's not.
This show does not describe itself as FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY although entertaining
It most certainly is, knowing full well its really puts you on the edge of your seat at times. Robert Snow

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