Fuji TV Join Phenomena Project on location

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'Fuji TV' got in touch expressing their interest in Phenomena Project and requesting to join us on location. Arrangements were made and a few days later flew in to Manchester Airport later meeting Don and Steve at the location featured in episode one. They wanted to know out more about 'Phenomena Project' and also conduct some of their own filming for inclusion in their own Paranormal documentary which has since been broadcast on Japanese television. A very interesting evening ensued with visual / audio phenomena taking place and captured on camera along with some incredible vocal spirit communication which took place between Don, and the spirits that are said to occupy this location. Poltergeist activity was also captured live on camera. We can't go into details at this point as concerning what occurred as the footage is still to be analysed, for inclusion in this remarkable episode.

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Tracie Austin (USA) To Host Phenomena Project

'Let's talk paranormal' host teams up with Don Philips

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Don Philips: "Tracie is very talented, a welcomed addition to Phenomena Project, I'm looking forward to working with her on this and other projects in the pipeline."
Award winning host of the very successful USA series let's Talk Paranormal has joined Phenomena Project crew. Tracie Austin is a well know figure within paranormal circles in the USA and knows her stuff. She Produced & Hosted her own hugely successful Let's Talk...Paranormal TV show. Networked to California, New York, Arizona and Iowa. Let's Talk...Paranormal has won 3 awards for it's excellence. Recipient of three "Telly Awards" Hollywood Actor Michael Keaton appeared as guest on Let's Talk...Paranormal during the release of the movie "White Noise" Tracie is also the author of the hugely successful books which include Alien Encounters In Western USA & Welcome To Haunted Las Vegas. She has made guest appearances on numerous radio shows including: Unified Field Radio, Mysteries Magazine Radio, The Paranormal View, Paranormal & Beyond Radio, UFO Paranormal Radio Network, MUFON Radio, and Restricted Air Space Radio. TV show appearances include – Beyond Belief with George Noory (Gaiam TV Colorado) and The Peter Maxwell Slattery Show (Australia) (BOTH BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON NOW) - CLICK COVERS FOR LINKS:
Tracey Austin: I am both honored and excited to have been invited by Don Philips to be TV Host of the much acclaimed Phenomena Project and working with Steve and everyone else. I ask all of the show's fans and followers to stay tuned, and to move forward with us on the many paranormal adventures that the project has in store for you! We will change the way in which the paranormal subject has been viewed and talked about for a very long time ... one show at a time!



S.O.S From The U.S ( part one)

Don & Steve Recruited By US Resident To Investigate Claimed Poltergeist Activity


A Man from Seattle has called upon the professional services of Paranormal Specialist Don Philips and Parapsychologist Steve Mera, claiming his home is being trashed by a dark entity.

With scenes reminiscent of something from a Hollywood movie, Keith said, "my life has been quite literally turned up side down."
There have been confirmed reports by independent sources that also claim this phenomena is really taking place, In desperation Keith an I.T consultant has turned to Don & Steve for help.
This bizarre and highly controversial case has swept America with Keith's plight also being featured on numerous US news channels and radio stations.
Zak Bagans - host of the popular US show "Ghost Adventures" and his team attended Keith's and featured it in an episode entitled "Demons in Seattle" but were unable to uncover any evidence in support of Keith's claims of Poltergeist activity.

Despite this lack of evidence Don Philips remains undeterred, "lack of evidence does not constitute proof that genuine phenomena is not or has not occurred" he said.
The pursuance of proof of the Paranormal can often prove a daunting and frustrating endevour, my approach is not conventional, but if there is anything paranormal to uncover then trust me, I will uncover it."
"Obviously, We don't just hop on a plane and fly out just because someone claims they have a ghost, although any real evidence of phenomena has remained elusive. We have been presented with enough to spike our interest after being contacted by Keith". He's frustrated and feels his case is not being taken as seriously as it should "I want this to end" Keith told us.
Keith's S.O.S was initially received by Steve Mera who runs (S.E.P) The scientific Establishment Of Parapsychology, Keith came across Steve and Don whilst searching online for outside help.
Keith Say's "I was looking for someone who can help me, Steve and Don may be my last hope to prove my case, I'm running out of options the exorcism didn't work either."

Don and Steve remain optimistic. Don has promised Keith if his home is haunted he 'will' provide the evidence which will be scrutinized under the watchful eye's of Steve Mera.
Steve said "this is going to an extensive and potentially challenging investigation depending on what we find once we've arrived and with ongoing assessments."





Official Response To Published article 09.O1.2016

Official Response To Published article 09.O1.2016

The Birmingham Mail requested an exclusive on the Seattle Poltergeist case, the now published article was submitted for approval, approval was rejected with a more informative and factually correct edit forwarded which was accepted, this has not been used. Phenomena Project: At no time was the purpose of the visit to the Chase to search or hunt for the alleged 'black- eyed Child' as reported. Don Philips & Steve Mera agreed to visit when requested by the Birmingham Mail. It was understood they would investigate the woods for any alleged phenomena and not specific to reports concerning 'The black-eyed child'.

The Black-eyed child's mention in the Seattle article is both misleading and of no significance in relation to the current case.The video presented as evidence of 'The black-eyed child' within the article is that of a third party bearing no relation or connection to Don Philips or Steve Mera.The article quote: "Don Philips, a man who captures voices of the dead on digital recorders, flies out this month in an attempt to tame the pesky poltergeist.">

No evidence of the alleged 'Poltergeist activity' has yet to be identified or confirmed. Updates in relation to the Seattle case will be available on the website

Don Philips...

Don Philips To Join The Office of Parapsychological Studies

EVP / AVP Specialist

It was a few weeks ago that Steve Mera received a request from Dr. Robert Young to accompany him whilst location with Don Philips.(Parapsychologist) Robert who runs 'The Office of Parapsychological Studies' had become intrigued by Steve's accounts of Don's communications, Robert wanted to witiness this alleged phenomena first hand. Don agreed, on (13.01.2016) the meeting took place Despite what Don had described as "the worst possible environmentally challenging conditions" for his communications they began. Both, Robert Young and Steve Mera pre checked Don's equipment to ensure both devices had been formatted and free of any prior audio recordings. Now satisfied, they then made their way around 'Mill Street Barracks exploring its many rooms with Don also accompanied by Martin Cooper (S.E.P) Almost immediately Multiple, consistent vocal responses were heard to be received by Don, clearly identifiable as male and female vocals which were captured on his recording devices and played back instantaneously. Consequently, Robert a few days later invited Don to join his organization as an evp / avp specialist to which Don has agreed. Don said, "working with Robert is something to which I'm looking forward to".

S.O.S From The U.S ( part two)

Demons In Seattle Uncovered

(The Ghost Adventures Investigation / Episode) Demons In Seattle

On January 21st, Don Phillips and Steve Mera begin their lengthy journey to the USA, specifically to the suburbs of Seattle in Washington State, in an attempt to discover what really has occurred at a house there and there is no doubt that this unsettling case is shrouded in mystery and controversy. For those familiar with background to the events opinions remain split, with some convinced that the home owner, Keith Linder, has deliberately fabricated evidence to support his claims that an entity is causing disruption in his life. Keith also claims that the entity is (literally) turning his home upside down. Other independent witnesses who have visited the house are convinced that an evil spirit really does dwell there, whilst others, although not claiming outright that this is a hoax, remain unimpressed by the lack of evidence obtained during their own investigations.
Zak Bagans, host of the hit U.S TV show ‘Ghost Adventures’ conducted and featured their own investigation into the alleged happenings in Keith home. Zac pulled no punches in questioning Keith’s claims, and a full investigation employing the use of a range of gadgets failed to uncover any evidence, unfortunately the alleged poltergeist proved most elusive.
There is no doubt many people on both sides of the Atlantic are extremely curious and await with great interest to see what, (or if) Don manages to uncover using his more direct approach. Don's reputation for his incredible levels of communications with the ‘other side’, along with the evidence he obtains, will certainly attract fresh interest to this case.
Don says that: “I am confident of a successful investigation and outcome. I have my own methods of determining which cases are genuine and which are not prior to my arrival. It would, however, be impossible for us to verify reported disturbances said to have occurred prior to our involvement. I am confident that I will provide powerful evidence that, should that be the case, the home really is haunted”.
Steve observes: “Don knows his subject probably better than anyone I've met so far in my thirty three years of involvement in the field. This is why we refer to him as a specialist.”
Brian Allan. Editor (Phenomena Magazine)

(The UK Investigation) Demons In Seattle Uncovered Press & Fox clips

During this visit the vale between paranormal separated during a visit to another location away from Keith's. Top tier a supernatural occurrence transpired between Don and a very negative force which even took Steve Mera out of his comfort zone during a visit to a Native Indian burial ground.. Further details on this may be released later but at this point that has not yet been decided.
Don has a sustained reputation for evidence gathering and his communications with the unseen. With the first 10 minutes of arriving at Keith's the spirits began to engage with him. Day one was focused on preparation for the investigation but although the investigation hadn't began vocal responses where captured by Don. Each following day the evidence accumulated and Steve Mera and Don would analyze it.
Despite what was stated in the past, we can confirm that Keith's home was host to genuine paranormal activity.
This clip is only a behind the scenes look at the media coverage side of things and is not intended to highlight evidence.
We would also like to thank Keith Linder for his hospitality & Patty for her assistance, both made us very welcome and our stay comfortable.
(FOX news coverage of Don & Steves investigation goes viral with a combined total of 12.5 million hits)

(The UK Investigation) Demons In Seattle Uncovered

Following a series of interviews over several weeks Don & Steve concluded there was something going on at the Linder house and jetted of to Seattle.
They set out to uncover the truth Don with his expertise in communications and research & Steve Mera bringing his expertise coupled with scientific analysis and additional investigation techniques.
Was it a hoax or was genuine activity taking place at the Linder residence ? There is no doubt Keith had a hard time after GA broadcast their investigation, Keith was feeling frustrated and thought long and hard before bringing Don and Steve into the case.
It was made clear to Keith the investigation would be reported based on only evidence secured whilst on location & anything found to be faked or staged would be highlighted publicly. Keith accepted those terms and a 5 day investigation ensued.
Don successfully established contact with the spirits at Keith's home within the first 10 minutes of their arrival much to the surprise of Keith who wasn't expecting results quite so quickly. Thus began an evidence fuelled 5 day investigation leaving no stone unturned in their quest for the truth. The investigation proved a complete success with Don capturing 100s of replies over the 5 day period.
Among the audio were accounts of physical phenomena taking place, Keith Linder said "finally, finally, finally" with a sense of relief and gratitude. Keith now had real evidence that all was not as it should be in his home.
During their visit Don and Steve met up with the same witness who appeared in GA who claimed her sage stick burst into flames. They all met at a diner for a discussion, but it's what happened outside of the diner whilst near a native Indian burial site which startled Don! On the morning after the final nights investigation at Keith's home Don decided they return to the site, it was 4am on a very cold morning with just a few hours before the flight back to the UK. What transpired was an unscheduled investigation of it's own, but more about that later ...

A full one hour documentary is now being complied from he investigation footage, anyone requiring information with a view to future broadcast of the documentary are invited to email:

Hidden Picture Test

Steve Mera To Repeat Test / Don Philips Stacks The Odds Higher

Replication Experiment

This test detailed below was set by Steve Mera without prior warning in 2014. Don will attempt to replicate his results again later this year. At Dons request, the test will be made even more difficult via the use of no less than (x20) envelopes. Once again he will attempt not only to select the correct envelope but to also identify the picture inside it with the help of the said spirits. Only (X1) of the twenty doubled wrapped and sealed envelopes will contain a single specific picture which could be any one of millions of images. Again his description has to be not close but perfect clearly identifying the image. The first test was without doubt set up for failure however Don passed first attempt against ridiculous odds. Should he pass this second test he has requested the procedure again be repeated using x40 envelopes. The procedure will again also be overseen by third parties, update pending.

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