Phenomena Project Come To Liverpool







 Steve Mera's interview with Jamie Williams concerning the reports of Paranormal Activity

In this second instalment of Phenomena Project, Don and Steve travel to St Helens, Liverpool to investigate reported paranormal activity said to be taking place at Mill St Barracks. Built in 1861, the barracks building is steeped in military history and has accommodated many branches of the armed forces throughout its service during WWI and WWII.
Towards the latter half of the 20th century the Barracks have gained a reputation as a hot bed of activity, reports of unexplained events including ghostly voices and apparitions. During the wars the cellar was used as a morgue, which understandably many people associate with the reported paranormal activity said to be taking place. 



Don points out to Jamie Williams an area he feels significant

Don and Steve quickly set to work in search of evidence in support of the phenomena associated with Mill Street Barracks, it's not long before Don identifies an area which he believes to be of important significance



(Unexplained ) Don's hand is suddenly covered in what appears to be blood without



Just moments later during a discussion with Jamie Williams, Don's hand suddenly becomes covered in a substantial amount of what appears to be blood, his hand was immediately examined closely by Steve Mera where neither injury or explanation could account for what had taken place. Later some unknown information is revealed by Jamie Williams of a past event said to have taken place at the very location Don had identified...
This proved quite significant in relation to the unknown substance on Don's hand.
A sample of the substance was taken at that time by Steve and submitted for analysis, the results the analysis is back from the lab, results of which will be revealed in this fascinating episode.


ScreenHunter_93 Apr. 25 14.42

In this gripping investigation Don makes a remarkable claimed discovery using nothing but his abilities, this finds the investigation taking a sudden and unexpected twist leading Don and Steve to a visit to a music studio and onwards to an impressive church. What followed was more than we could have imagined.


  Steve Mera with studio owner Dominic, examining an area of interest from unknown information obtained from Don which led them to the Church



ScreenHunter_96-Apr.-25-14.461Could Steve Mera identify more undocumented  information which would substantiate Don's initial claims?




ScreenHunter_97 Apr. 25 15.45

 As the evening turned to the early hours of the following morning it was time for some experiments, these centered around Psychokinesis. Could Don influence an object without any physical contact?
The experiment was very successful, although no claims were made at the time it certainly looked as though this was the case with Don taking full control for around 6 minutes having influence and very significant effect on the experimental equipment, after several minutes he said he was unable to continue due to fatigue and needed to rest.
We are to conduct more experiments into the mechanics of what was witnessed prior to drawing any final conclusion in relation to what exactly was being observed.
Other separate experiments centering around Don were also conducted with equal success which to all intense and purposes shouldn't have been achievable based on our current understanding of the laws of physics. The investigation at Mill Street Barracks proved a voyage of discovery ... in securing evidence never seen before.




Filming of the next episode of Phenomena Project will commence shortly and we could be heading your way soon!

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