Information and Enquiries

ds This series sees Don Philips and Steve Mera investigating reports of alleged phenomena taking place in and around the UK, but this is no ordinary show and should it be as successful as predicted, investigations & experiments could extend anywhere worldwide.

Rather than taking a traditional approach of introducing a set show format, Don Philips has opted to make each episode different, locations could be anywhere and of any type, scientific experiments of a new concept, many which have never been attempted before. Don say's, "my idea behind this is to leave the viewers wondering what's coming up in each episode, keeping the expectations high and the content fresh at all times, the paranormal market is a saturated one it's now time for something unique".
Apart from being entertaining the series will concentrate heavily on evidence obtained on their journey, using scientific investigative methods to help establish if genuine unexplained phenomena can be proven.
Will science finally be able to prove or disprove the paranormal? Don has already been, and will continue to be subject to more testing without prior warning on occasion throughout the filming with tests devised by Steve Mera. Don has to date succeeded in all tasks during experiments to date which have included obtaining information he could have not possibly  know, a hidden picture test, obtaining vocal responses in a Faraday experiment under the watchful eye of Steve Mera and his college, other tests have included PK (Psychokinesis) in which Don is apparently also displaying compelling results.
New trailers are to be produced to accompany each individual episode (to follow) along with production screen grabs which will accompany each episode.
 We have already received  enquiries concerning potential broadcast opportunities upon completion of  production however nothing has been finalised.
 We welcome interest from any agents or distributors overseas, any invitation to shoot a forthcoming episode overseas for inclusion  in the current series will also be considered.  TSV Productions can be contacted via the (contact us) tab and may be used for all production / press related enquiries.