Neil Morris (Series Narrator)



Neil Morris grew up in the City of Swansea. He first discovered a love of broadcasting while helping out at a university radio station in the Midlands in the late 1970s. He went on to work on local radio stations in South Wales and also worked on projects to give young people and the long-term unemployed the opportunity to become involved in the preparation and presentation of local radio magazine programmes. During this time he was also a hospital radio volunteer.
In 1990 Neil changed careers and moved to Hertfordshire to work as an Immigration Officer, a career from which he has now retired after 25 years. He also served as a Special Constable for 7 years and held a volunteer post as News Editor on internet radio station BeOS Radio in the early 2000s.
Neil is a keen musician, playing many instruments, and a Radio Amateur, with a particular interest in Morse code operation.
Neil says: “I’ve had a life-long interest in the paranormal and I’m excited to be involved in Phenomena Project, which is taking a mature and scientific approach to untangling a subject which has, for so long, been obfuscated by gobble-de-gook and eccentricity.”
I was seeking a narrator for Phenomena Project, one evening an email arrived from Neil with an attached sample audio file he'd just made up there and then. I had by this time previewed a few submitted samples from people, none had that particular sound I had envisaged.
Having listened to only the first 10 seconds of Neils submission "that's it, that's what I'm after" I called out to myself with a sense of relief. Neil has a natural talent, I'm fortunate to not only have discovered Neil's talents but also gained a good friend in the process".
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